Gourmet Solutions 

Chef Gaetano Pugliese

 Gourmet Solutions brings together the convenience of dining  out and the luxury of your own personal Chef - all within the comfort of your own home.  We provide a wide range of services:  weekly meal plans, private dinner parties, cooking classes and more.  

Let the award winning Chef Gaetano Pugliese customize the perfect menu or event for you.     

We cater to any and all dietary restrictions. With Gourmet Solutions, everyone is able to enjoy an amazing experience.  

Servicing the GTA and surrounding areas 


Whether it's a romantic dinner for two, a dinner party with all your friends, or an interactive cooking lesson for one or more, Chef  Gaetano will bring his world of culinary experience to your table.

 A personal chef for your special evening 



Gaetano is fabulous!  He prepped 5 amazing meals a week to help us lose weight without feeling deprived or hungry.  His meals were delicious and healthy. We felt like we were eating gourmet dinners and all we had to do was come home and pop them in the oven. He did everything else. And my partner and I each lost 20 pounds! I recommend Gaetano’s service to anyone who is just too busy to plan and prep meals.


Lionel W

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